Watch the world’s first iPhone orchestra perform live.

Watch the world’s first iPhone orchestra perform live.

iphoneuniorchestraOn December 9 an orchestra of iPhones will play to the world.

As part of a course called “Building a Mobile Phone Ensemble”, students at the University of Michigan will demonstrate the music integrity of the phone to a live audience and live on the web.

Tthe course is taught by Georg Essl, who you shouldn’t be surprised to learn is a computer scientist and musician who has worked on developing mobile phones and musical instruments.

The course demonstrates how the touch-screen, microphone, GPS, compass, wireless sensor, and accelerometer, can all be used to create music that draws the ears.

“The mobile phone is a very nice platform for exploring new forms of musical performance,” Essl said. “We’re not tethered to the physics of traditional instruments. We can do interesting, weird, unusual things.

“This kind of technology is in its infancy, but it’s a hot and growing area to use iPhones for artistic expression.”

The event takes place just a few days time but you can grab a taster by clicking the video below.

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Via 9-5 Mac

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