Mailbox founder: Bringing the email service to the desktop is “something we have to do”

Mailbox founder: Bringing the email service to the desktop is “something we have to do”

While giving a keynote presentation at the DEMO Europe conference in Moscow, Orchestra CEO Gentry Underwood confirmed that Mailbox, the popular mail app which was acquired by Dropbox, will be made into a desktop app.

When asked by an audience member if Mailbox will come to the desktop, Underwood stated that “It’s something we have to do in order to stay competitive. We need to create a similar experience and it’s on our roadmap.”

During his talk, Underwood provided a broad look at the “mobile revolution” and the opportunities it creates. He also mentioned that while today is often called a mobile computing era, we should think of it as a multi-screen era. Underwood said “people want their same information on a number of devices of different scale.”

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Underwood says that a desktop app is something his company gets “requests for often.” He went on to detail that his company tries to make its mobile “experience sync as seamlessly as possible with the current desktop tools people use like Gmail on the Web, and outlook, but there’s certain things that Mailbox does that…simply can’t be mapped to those tools.”

We previously knew a desktop app existed somewhere in Mailbox’s roadmap, but now we know just how important the Mailbox team believes that it is.

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