Fancy traveling to a foreign music festival? UK site Festicket now makes it easier

Fancy traveling to a foreign music festival? UK site Festicket now makes it easier

Festicket, the site that helps to package festival tickets, hotel reservations, transport and extras into a booking has refreshed its site to make the whole process much simpler.

You might think that festival action takes place in the summer. If so, more fool you as the tickets for big events sell out quickly and bagging a place to stay and sorting out who is going to accompany you on your muddy, drunken escapade takes time.

Putting the process together in one place is a neat way of making that a bit easier – and possibly finding a way to sleep in a place that is warm and dry.

Festicket has enjoyed a steady first year of operation. It’s received around 50,000 unique visitors with an average spend of around £200 ($320) per basket when purchases are made. The site has a social element where you can see what other users have booked, something which can work as an inspiration to take users to new events they may not have considered.

For the 2013 season, the new site offers features to help increase the number of people travelling to music festivals abroad. Festickets is offering one-click packages to events in the UK, France and Germany and has signed up the likes of Monegros, Beacons, Hideout, open Source, Nature One and KaZantip.

The new festival pages combine information to get attendees excited as well as the required content to ensure everyone knows what’s going on. There are tips, promotional videos and even SoundCloud integration so that browsers can listen to headline acts to get into the mood.

With so many events now happening around the world, if Festicket has its format down, then this method of organising trips could see almost endless expansion.

If you’re just starting to wonder where your wellies are for next year, it might be worth checking out the site to see if the event you want to go to is available as a simple package, or indeed if there are things you might be missing.

Image Credit: Matt Cardy / Getty Images

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