Bing hits all time high in the search market as Yahoo continues to disintegrate

Bing hits all time high in the search market as Yahoo continues to disintegrate

Pop the champagne, Bing’s market share hit an all time high last month, according to comScore. However, it did so in such a dull fashion that I doubt too many people are going to shrug over the record.

Gaining 0.2% market share in a month is progress, but it sure isn’t quick progress. Oh, and Google gained 0.1%. Yahoo ceded 0.4%, which technically means that Bing served less of the total market, in a sense. So much for victories. Still, with some 15.6% of the search market in its own pocket, Microsoft has successfully created an alternative to Google.

The other information that is needed to make sense of the search market is how quickly it is growing. Or isn’t, to be precise. According to the same comScore data, the total explicit search market shrunk 2% in June, when compared to May. Thus, even though Bing and Google gained market share, they may have fielded fewer total queries.

Yahoo, losing market share in a declining market, all but certainly did.

According to Search Engine Land, this is the 26th month that Bing has either grown or maintained its market share figures. Thus it breaks records, but seemingly in slow motion. How Microsoft intends to light the engines of growth under its search engine, which loses piles of cash, remains a mystery. Perhaps to Microsoft as well.

Top Image Credit: Joanna Bourne

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