The Purchase Sharing Tool Blippy Is Now Open – Lands Star Investors

The Purchase Sharing Tool Blippy Is Now Open – Lands Star Investors

blippyBlippy, the Twitter for money that has been causing ripples all across the technology world in recent days, is now public. You can sign up, and get to sharing your purchases right away.

Blippy had been closed to the masses until today, but had generated massive buzz by giving out invites to top technologists and technology blogs. There was palatable excitement around the new level of sharing that Blippy allows; it is one thing to share your chosen status updates, your Visa is a whole new terrain.

If you have never played with Blippy, it looks like this, with a purchase linked to a user, which can then be commented on. This purchase came from Jason Calacanis, an acquaintance of mine:

jason is boring

As with Twitter, you select whether to follow a user or not, and are then shown their purchases in a timeline fashion. It’s like FriendFeed, but with dollar signs instead of memes.

The company has also raised a $1.6 million dollar round from nearly every big name investor or VC that you can think of: Sequoia Capital, Charles River Ventures, Ron ConwayEvan Williams, Jason Calacanis, James Hong and Ariel Poler. Who is missing? Kevin Rose, perhaps. With that much star power on board, who wants to bet against the company?

Blippy is going to grow massively in the coming months, and has the money to back it up. I personally refuse to use the purchase. I sincerely doubt that my purchases are at all interseting to anyone other person, as they bore even me.

Are you going to blip your purchases?

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