Google Blocking Negative Search Recommendations On Islam – Why?

Google Blocking Negative Search Recommendations On Islam – Why?

Update – See the latest from Google here.

Religion always causes a stir when it is debated, and Google seems to know it. Google is not taking a fair approach to the way that it handles searches for different religions.

When you search for the major religions of the world, the monotheistic faiths for example, Google serves up suggestions for the search “Christianity is” such as, “a lie,” or false.” Try it on a a number of faiths, and then Islam.

Notice any difference?

Google is systematically blocking, it seems, all search suggestions for Islam. Why? To remove the chance of an adherent of the faith from being offended by a perhaps severe search suggestion? Why not treat all search terms equally?

Given the complete lack of suggestions, not just terms that could be perceived as negative, it seems that Google is covering its, well, behind.

Don’t want to do all the leg work? Check the image after the jump.

A thank you to the Atheism sub-Reddit for finding this. Original post here.

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