Avatar Passes $1,000,000,000 Box Office – 4th Highest Grossing Film Ever

Avatar Passes $1,000,000,000 Box Office – 4th Highest Grossing Film Ever

Well, this story just keeps on getting crazier. Avatar has crossed the one billion dollar box office mark, making it the fourth highest grossing movie, ever.

First though third: Titanic, the Return of the King, and Dead Man’s Chest. Avatar merely needs to take in another 100 million dollars, globally, to become the second highest grossing, only losing to Titanic.

It does seem unlikely that the film will be able to get within a few hundred million of Titanic, which sold a stunning 1.84 billion dollars in tickets.

We brought you coverage before, that Avatar had broken even earlier, one some 600 million in sales. We were wrong. As it turns out, the industry maxim is that the movie team will get half the receipts, and the theater the other half.

However, the highest known projection for the cost of Avatar was USD 500 million, meaning that with its now one billion dollar gross, the film is now profitable, without possible objective. Can you spell sequels?

All data via BoxOfficeMojo.

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