Avatar Explodes To A $100 Million Dollar Profit – Sequels All But Guaranteed

Avatar Explodes To A $100 Million Dollar Profit – Sequels All But Guaranteed

Avatar Is Killing The Box Office   Nearing 400 Million So FarWe brought you the news earlier that Avatar was storming the box office all around the world; we are happy to report that that has not changed.

In the last three days, the Avatar total confirmed box office receipts have moved up to $623 million. This represents a two hundred million dollar change, bringing the movie firmly into profitability, even if it did cost the horrifically pricey rumored $500 million.

The range of rumored cost for the films production and promotion was between 300 and 500 million dollars.

Avatar has two planned sequels, but they are dependant on this first film succeeding. Cameron has built a franchise in one swoop. With the dominating success of Avatar, he will have the leeway to create the second and third films.

If you had been dreaming of even more Avatar-goodness, you are in luck. No excuse me, I need to go see the film again.

As a final side note, it is the international success of the film that is providing it with its success, the US box office is a mere third of the total count, something to keep in mind. Perhaps Papyrus is popular in Persia.

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