Avatar Is Killing The Box Office – Nearing 400 Million So Far

Avatar Is Killing The Box Office – Nearing 400 Million So Far

Avatar, the movie that we all love, is lighting up the box office in a crazy fashion.

So far, the movie has hauled in nearly $400 million dollars. Avatar was rumored to have cost a total of between 300 and 500 million dollars, depending on how you count.

The good news: given current daily hauls, Avatar should break even, assuming the worst projections of its cost, in about a week. Take a look yourself, and check the math.

The film was quite a risk financially, putting such a large sum into an unproven franchise. The director did state that if the film was a commercial success he would create two others. Fans of the movie, let’s all go and see it again to make this happen.

Avatar is my personal pick for best picture this year, it blows away anything else that I have seen so far. Will its plot genre or production style kill its chances? We shall see, but if it does not at least get a nomination, I shall be annoyed.

Avatar has proven it folks: make a damn fine film and people will come to see it, no matter their initial reservations.

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