Phone running Windows XP goes online (Video)

Phone running Windows XP goes online (Video)

xpPhoneWith mobile-optimised operating systems like iPhone OS, Android and Symbian readily available, why would you want your phone to run Windows XP?

If China’s In Technology Group (ITG) has its way, that’s exactly what you could be doing in 2010. ITG has been slowly releasing information about the touchscreen device with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for several months now, and in its latest video we see the phone get online.

In the video below you see the xpPhone connecting via 3G, connecting to an IM client and then browsing the web with a full-fat version of Internet Explorer.

With global phone band support, HSDPA/HSUPA for high-speed data connection and supposedly the ability to upgrade your handset to “4G” standards like WiMax or LTE in the future, a huge 4.8″ TFT touchscreen and (by the look of it) full-size USB ports, this is one high spec device.

As the video shows, though, it may be a little too big to be practical. Then there’s the question as to why you’d ever want Windows XP running in your pocket. Getting the Blue Screen of Death during a phone call would be enough to have us throwing the xpPhone across the room.

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