Microsoft Covers Their Ass, Drops The Site, and Says Nothing [Update, we have word]

Microsoft Covers Their Ass, Drops The Site, and Says Nothing [Update, we have word]



The SeattlePi got the following statement:
Here’s what we know at this point. Our MSN China joint venture contracted with an independent vendor to create a feature called MSN Juku that allowed MSN users to find friends via microblogging and online games. This MSN Juku feature was made available to MSN China users in November and is still in beta.

Because questions have been raised about the code base comprising the service, MSN China will be suspending access to the Juku beta feature temporarily while we investigate the matter fully.

If you read this, you know that Microsoft has been doing some serious code and design “borrowing.” Now they seem to be doing the classic cover up: pull up their pants and hope everyone forgets.

What is going on Microsoft? Come and tell us what happened, and what you are going to do to make it right! Email me here: I am waiting for your note.

Microsoft has now taken down the offending website, and is twiddling their thumbs waiting for us all to drop it. Well, if Plurk is right, this whole thing needs to talked about more, not less.

Thanks for everyone who dugg and story and got it to the front page, now it will get the attention that it deserves.

We are waiting, Microsoft.

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