How To Get On Digg – Just Say This

How To Get On Digg – Just Say This

digg-logoDigg is a giant, sending tens of thousands of visitors wherever it wishes. Competition to get on the front page is fierce, with strong power users dominating the website.

People often ask, “how can I get my story onto the front page?”. We do now have data, as to what title words are the most popular, among the stories that made the front page.

So, as they say, follow the experts and copy their copy, if you will.

Listed below are the top ten most dugg words in front page titles. I removed words such as ‘the.’

  1. Pic
  2. Video
  3. New
  4. World
  5. Google
  6. Best
  7. Man
  8. Most
  9. Obama
  10. Apple

I doubt that many of those will come as a surprise to the Digg user, but it is interesting to see them in that order. You can see the full list of the top 1000 words here.

Given how powerful and prevalent these words are, their use would be a boon to your chances, power user or not.

The SFWeekly did us all a favor, and made a Wordle of the top 1000 words, with some duration. It looks just like this:


Given the information that we now have, it would seem that a headline that would nearly be guaranteed to hit the front page would be:

New pic of the video on Google from the best man in the world, Obama, on his most prized Apple machine.” Happy Digging everyone.

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