Takes Over The @BreakingNews Twitter Account Takes Over The @BreakingNews Twitter Account

breakingnews-sBNO News, “owner” of the 1.4 million follower @BreakingNews Twitter account, has signed an agreement with that will see the news site take control of management of the account, according to PaidContent.

This is not an investment in BNO nor an acquisition clarifies MSNBC, but it is the first client to join Dutch founder Michael van Poppel’s next phase of the company’s growth – BNO News Wire, a headline news service to be launched in January.

So how will the account work under Supposedly very similar to in the past with links to various sources except now with a feed specifically full of’s links, driving more traffic to its site. is the online news outlet for the NBC News family. In addition to NBC News content and material produced by the site’s own staff, also hosts articles and features from several partners, including The Washington Post and Newsweek magazine.

The web site is developed in Redmond, Washington, on the Microsoft campus (Microsoft are 18% owners) and news content is produced out of newsrooms in Redmond, New York, and London. It is the news provider for MSN, the portal site and online service operated by Microsoft, but it is editorially and financially separate.

According to Nielsen Online, has risen above Yahoo! News and CNN for the position of top news site from June 2008 through May 2009, measured by unique visitors in the U.S.

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