Yes, we are serious: Twitter is no longer interested in what you’re doing!

Yes, we are serious: Twitter is no longer interested in what you’re doing!

The fundamental concept of Twitter and the one thing that lead to its tremendous success is that it does not require people to become “friends”.

“Friending” in social network parlance essentially means that if two individuals want to establish a connection, both have to confirm. This is what we’re used to from Facebook. Twitter introduced the idea of following people, which in essence is a one-way-relationship.

Today, Twitter made a slight change to the design of its web page, it no longer asks you to publish what you are doing, instead you’re requested to make a statement about what’s happening:


While this could merely be seen as a cosmetic subtlety and none of the functionality did change, it’s a statement that stems from the evolved positioning of Twitter. It started out as a person-to-person communications platform but is now widely seen as a rich source for news and a live event coverage service.

And that’s why we are now actively motivated to tell the world, what’s happening.

Go and check out the motivation behind this move in Twitter’s own words.

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