Relief. The Twitter ‘murderer’ is fictional. An ‘artist’.

Relief. The Twitter ‘murderer’ is fictional. An ‘artist’.

baconWe brought you news this week of a Twitter account called dinner_guest that, sickening or not, captured the attention of many a Twitter user.

The account described in great detail the actions of a Brighton (UK) based serial killer. He or she, with dark often sadistic language, would chronicle their day and murderous activities with tweets like:

“so difficult to know how much blood is too much, I know the body holds pints..but it’s hard to tell how much when it spreads”


“The noise was bad this time, I got messy, to much haste to get what I wanted. Must by waterproof tape”

Enough to make your skin crawl.

Today, dinner_guest decided to do the right thing and edited the description of their account to “A fictional character born out of an artists mind. A meme experiment & analysis”, bringing a sigh of relief to those who have tracked the story.

Make what you will of the idea, it’s certainly creative but it does make you wonder how long before this sort of thing actually takes place on Twitter. What would Twitter’s management reactions be, presumably to immediately shut the account down and notify the police? But then again, it then closes probably the only immediate channel of communication. Anyway, this is my mind drifting in Agatha Christie mode…lets just thank the heavens this character is just that.

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