Mac Attack Of The Clones Ends In Tears For Psystar

Mac Attack Of The Clones Ends In Tears For Psystar

its too badAh, the sad times we live in. Apple, veritable giant in a number of computing sectors, has crushed the clone maker Psystar in court. It was not close.

Not that this is a great surprise. After all, when you compare the legal budgets of the two companies, the balance is a bit to one side. But even past all that, Psystar got trounced. The EULA of OS X, prohibiting its installation on none Apple hardware, was fully upheld.

That means that the whole legal edifice of Psystar went to hell in a single line of judicial scrip. It’s like this: Psystar can no longer (soon, at least), sell computers running OS X and claim to be within the law. There goes the farm.

There is a remedies hearing on the 14th of December, at which Apple will reverse its previous stance, and welcome Psystar in to the fold. Just joshing you, Apple is going to continue to use the hammer and attempt to remedy Psystar right to the curb.

Psystar is about to go away, so get in before the last act. That is, if you want a Mac, and not a lovely Windows 7 machine. Sorry Psystar, maybe you should have learned from history, don’t step on Apple’s toes.

This is probably all over, but you have to give Psystar credit for trying their damnedest, even though their case apparently was a feather-weight in terms of legality.

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