New iMacs, MacBooks, Magic Mouse & Mac Mini’s

New iMacs, MacBooks, Magic Mouse & Mac Mini’s

iMacApple’s stores are open again and their front page shows a few delicious new products. Here is a short summary.

Or just rush over to to see them in full glory.

Just don’t forget to burn your credit card before you do…


Fastest iMac yet. Big LEDC-backlit displays in 21,5 and 27 Inch 16:9 aspect ration. Wireless keyboard and mouse standard (check that mouse!). Fastest iMac yet. No surprise there.

New MacBook

The new MacBook has a durable unibody enclosure (aluminum or plastic?), 1,08 inch thin, light at just 4.7 pounds, 7 hour battery.

13 inch LED backlit display and glass multi-touch display.

Magic Mouse

The new Magic Mouse is just incredible. The first Seamless Multi-Touch Surface makes this almost an iPhone disguised as a mouse.

Laser-Tracking Engine, bluetooth enabled.

You have to see this.

The New Mac Mini:

up to 2,66Ghz with up to 4GB memory. Faster than ever.

NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor for graphics and Wi-Fi built in. Optional 500GB hardisk.

No real surprises there.


This is a spectacular new line up that seemed to have dropped out of thin air. That mouse could have been a 20 minute item in a real Steve keynote. The new iMacs look incredible but the Mac Mini seems like a regular speedbump and spec upgrade.

I do know I’m ordering that mouse as soon as I’m ready editing this post. According to the Apple shop it should be in my hands within 5 to 7 business days.

Who is ordering a Mac mini or iMac? And where is my Apple TV upgrade???

UPDATED: Apple also updated the Airport express and Time Machines. All cool but not as cool as the new Apple Remote. It is now made out of aluminum and you know you just want one too:

Apple Remote

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