AMD Creates Triple-Core Processors – Built For Windows 7 Netbooks?

AMD Creates Triple-Core Processors – Built For Windows 7 Netbooks?

amdAMD, the chip giant, is bridging the gap between two and four core processors. Today AMD is releasing a batch of low priced, triple core processors.

Given the announcement just a moment before Windows 7, and the low bulk price of these processors, AMD seems to be targeting the Windows 7 netbook market.

Of course, triple core processors offer a significant performance boost over dual core chips, and clock in (pun intended) at a much lower price point than quad core processors. Competitor Intel only offers two and four core chips.

Windows 7, the quickly approaching new flavor of the popular Windows operating system has been designed to play nicely with netbook computers, giving the OS the ability to attack all screens. The new AMD processors will provide netbooks with extra power to handle the OS, while conserving battery life.

The new triple-core processors, under the Athlon brand name come out at the same time as a number of other processors. The triple-core processors come in both a low power, and regular wattage varieties. Intel currently has no similar offering.

Expect to see these in a netbook running the much-expected Windows 7 in a Starbucks near you quite soon.

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