Twitter releases a “Favorites” widget. Scoble loses his mind.

Twitter releases a “Favorites” widget. Scoble loses his mind.

Picture 6I’m not sure how long this has been around (probably some time) but it’s worth a mention.

Along with a profile widget and search widget, Twitter has also sneaked in a “favorites” widget that allows you to insert any Twitter users username and retrieve an embeddable widget to embed on your blog, website or anything that accepts HTML.

While hardly a mind blowing new addition, it will be a neat feature to those who enjoy using the favorite option as a way to bookmark tweets or interesting links they’d like to investigate later or share.

With the ability to use anyone’s username it opens the door to people like Robert Scoble who are determined to make their favorites a way for others to keep up to date with interesting stories in their field (in Robert’s case, tech).

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