YouTube launches Insights for Audience

YouTube launches Insights for Audience

Today YouTube has launched a new (test) service called Insights for Audience. A video analytics tool, which describes your audience on YouTube based on their demographics. Previously YouTube already offered insights on specific video’s, but this time the analytics are based on the whole YouTube video audience. After setting up a search query many different insights can be found on the kind of videos the target group watches. It can also be used to discover which video categories are popular among the target group.

YouTube Insights

Image displays demographics of Dutch YouTube accounts.

Media and advertising agencies can use this tool to discover which type of video YouTube users search for based on their country, age, gender and interests. The analytics will help agencies to develop better (YouTube) campaign videos that take the interest and viewing behavior of the target group  into account.

Comparing the Dutch audience with our German and English neighbors shows that the Dutch user population is searching mostly for Music related content, while our neighbors search for more diverse video categories.

I was given the opportunity to test the new service before launch and had a good time experimenting with it.

Which insights are you able to derive from the Insights for Audience tool?

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