Reports of Google acquiring BrightCove reportedly untrue

Reports of Google acquiring BrightCove reportedly untrue

Picture 1We reported news via Business Insider that Google was in talks to acquire online video service Brightcove.

We are still awaiting comment from a Brightcove source about the deal but over the last few minutes, Dan Rayburn, an EVP for and influential video veteran is stating the reports are untrue.

In a blog post, Rayburn says:

“I received a call from one of the parties involved in the Google/Brightcove rumor who would not talk on record but confirmed with me that the rumor that Google is buying Brightcove is in fact false. I won’t say which side, Google or Brightcove the employee is from, but it’s someone I trust.”

Business Insider reported the story after PBS MediaShift editor Mark Glaser made the claim on Twitter, citing a source with knowledge of the deal.

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