Twitter announces GeoLocation API. Track tweets by location.

Twitter announces GeoLocation API. Track tweets by location.

Picture 1Twitter has just announced the introduction of a GeoLocation API allowing for developers to narrow tweets down to specific locations.

Until now, the only locational aspect to a tweet was where the user said he/she was on their profile. Soon however, upon the launch of this new API, developers will be able to pinpoint the original location of a tweet. So whether you’re at a concert, in a particular city or want to track tweets about a particular event, the new API will make that possible.

The potential here is enormous. Whether its to break news, stalk people, read reviews or merely to keep tabs of sentiment in your local area – this update is not to be taken lightly.

Twitter will soon release geolocation to platform developers before adding the feature to So expect to see them incorporated into Tweetdeck & co. soon.

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