TwittaRound: An Augmented Reality Twitter App

TwittaRound: An Augmented Reality Twitter App

Picture 16Augmented Reality apps are fast becoming all the rage. We’ve recently covered a Layar, an augmented reality browser, and just this weekend we introduced you to Nearest Subway, a AR app to help you find your nearest train station.

Today, we’re showing you TwittaRound an augmented reality Twitter viewer  (that if you do manage to get your hands on) you’ll probably never use, except when showing it off to your friends. Nevertheless, its fascinating stuff and very very cool.

Developed by German designer/developer Michael Zöllner, the idea is straight forward. Through the iPhone’s video camera you’ll see live Tweets pop up based on your current location. You’ll be able to see where the tweets are coming from as well as how far the person tweeting is. As with most of the augmented reality iPhone apps, you’ll need the built in compass which only comes with the iPhone 3GS.

Most unfortunately however, you’re unlikely to see this app in the app store any time soon because it uses non-public API’s. With any luck, Apple will make these available to developers publicly in the near future. For now, watch and drool.


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