Posterous acquires social news site creation tool Slinkset

Posterous acquires social news site creation tool Slinkset

moz-screenshot-7Posterous, the email powered blogging platform has announced a rather interesting acquisition. The YCombinator startup has acquired fellow YC company Slinkset, the create your own social news site (Digg, Reddit etc..) tool.

Slinkset will remain functioning online, meanwhile Posterous plan on incorporate Slinkset into the site’s existing experience. Slinkset founder Brett Gibson will also join the fellow YC startup as part of the acquisition.

Posterous has gone from strength to strength over recent months, integrating a number of unique features seeing it slowly but surely become a incredibly powerful publishing platform it is own right.

You can import your entire blogging archive from virtually every main blogging platform, sharing to other platforms is equally easy. The app features quite possibly the best sharing bookmarklet to be released by any publishing tool, making it easy to share content you find. The startup also competes with established Twitter photo-sharing apps by making it easy as pie to share your photos, whilst also taking advantage of the iPhone 3GS’ success by releasing optimized support for emailing videos through to your blog.

The one remaining aspect to Posterous that leaves the site lagging visually is its design options – the site still only has one basic design with virtually no customization options available, something we hope to see rectified soon.

Posterous’ business model is also yet to be revealed, however past discussions with co-founder Garry Tan give a strong indication that premium features are in the pipeline.

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