Friendfeed Launches File Sharing

Friendfeed Launches File Sharing

Literally seconds after Facebook announces the launch of public updates and media sharing, Friendfeed pushes an update which sees it enter the realm of file sharing.


As Friendfeed notes in their blog, this is a particularly useful feature for sites and organisations (such as ourselves) who use Friendfeed groups to discuss our business and content.

Currently the file types are limited to documents (PDF’s, spreadsheets) and mp3’s, unfortunately video isn’t an option just yet. In regard to file size, Friendfeed co-founder Bret Taylor comments:

“We have a rolling 24-hour limit for the number and size of files you can upload, but you probably shouldn’t hit it unless you are sharing really big stuff. With MP3’s there is a stricter limit on audio files (3 per day)”

To share files on, simply type in the URL of the file or click the “Files” link underneath the post box and select which files you want to include. You can also share files by including them as attachments on emails sent to [email protected].

It’s an interesting move by the aggregation service which is beginning to transform itself into a project management tool / social communication platform – who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?

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