Firefox Add-ons Taken to the Next Level

Firefox Add-ons Taken to the Next Level

logo-collections-220x270 Firefox Add-ons have long been a major reason of user devotion and now Mozilla has taken Add-ons to the next level with a major upgrade. The Firefox Add-Ons system has been redesigned with a focus on helping users find and share Add-ons that make their browser experience better. The most significant improvements are the introduction of Add-on Collections and the Add-on Collector extension.

The Firefox Add-on webpage is now heralding a new section called Add-on Collections. Collections are lists of related Add-ons based on function or interest.The Mozilla team kick started collections by creating lists for Web Developers, Social Media enthusiasts, and even a Traveler’s pack. Although Collections may be the best way to discover new Add-ons it is also an outstanding medium for sharing your favorite collections. Anyone with a free Mozilla account can create a collection so there is already a well populated list of collections from a variety of authors. Mozilla has simply implemented a fantastic social recommendation system for Add-ons.

The other major change comes in the form of a new extension, Add-on Collector. The Collector offers a whole new way to manage, discover, and share Add-on collections from within the browser. The extension displays any favorited collections in the Collection Directory (a new area in the Add-ons Manager) and enables publishing Add-ons to a collection directly from your plugin list. The Add-on collector will quickly become a favorite of any Add-on’s fan.

Take the time today to make your browsing experience better and visit Firefox Add-ons Collections and install the Add-on Collector. If you want a starting place check out my Essential Extensions Collection.

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