Screenshot-> Screencast-> Animated Work of Art-> ?

Screenshot-> Screencast-> Animated Work of Art-> ?

david_jerry_yahooI remember the times when start-ups would simply launch. I don’t think Yahoo sent out a press release when they first started collecting hyperlink in their dorm room, did they? These days launching a start-up seems to become THE defining moment in the history of the start-up.

It all started with a simple logo, attached to an email, with a press release.
Then we started seeing companies who recorded a ‘Screencast’ of their web service in action. Usually narrated by the lead developer. It was more informative and interesting than a screenshot or logo, but it could be longwinded and the quality of the movie and sounds wasn’t always up to par.

Now there is a new trend: beautiful, artistic, hip, high quality, animated small movies.

The slightly humorous movie that explains it all.
This is an example of such a work of art by tipSpot (Invite Code):

TipSpot introduction – Making sure you stay in the loop from TipSpot on Vimeo.

The company who sent me this is still in private beta and I can’t help but wonder how much time and money went into making this movie. They say you never get another chance to make a first impression and that must be the reasoning behind going all out in your introduction movie. But when I first saw the beautiful Google Chrome movies I couldn’t help thinking “Yes this looks great, but can’t you just make the software work?”.

Of course it does work. I did end up watching the whole movie embedded here and I doubt I would’ve read a press release if they would’ve sent me one. Absorbing a message wrapped up in nicely designed moving images is easier than reading plain text.

I wonder what is next. How long will it take before the first start-up launches with a Hollywood produced, 15 minute long, movie. Recorded IMAX style, with a $40 million budget, starring Megan Fox and Adrien Brody?

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