Firefox, like Google Chrome, to split processes across tabs

Firefox, like Google Chrome, to split processes across tabs

firefoxOne of the most exciting developments of Google Chrome, and more recently IE 8, is its multiprocessing technology allowing for each tab to include its own running processes.

Mozilla, according to its Wiki, is also moving in the same direction and looking to separate tabs into their own system processes. The move aims to “prvide better application UI responsiveness” and improve overall stability.

For the average tech head who generally tends to have 10+ tabs open at any one time, this is great news. It should  mean less crashes, and as in Chrome, if there are any you should still have access to you other tabs to keep on doing what you were doing without the entire browser crashing.

Sadly, it’s going to be a while before we get our hands on a final version, probably not till 2010, but a “bootstrap”  implementation that works with a single tab (not sessions support, no secure connections, either on Linux or Windows, unlikely to even based on Firefox) could be available by July.

The project, is coordinated by long time Mozillian, Benjamin Smedberg; and also integrated by Joe Drew, Jason Duell, Ben Turner, and Boris Zbarsky in the core team.

via LH via MozillaLinks

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