Tweetmeme becomes Twitter’s answer to StumbleUpon and makes retweeting easier than ever.

Tweetmeme becomes Twitter’s answer to StumbleUpon and makes retweeting easier than ever.

picture-12Tweetmeme is a Digg-like site for popular links on Twitter.

Rather than Digg’s however, it ranks tweets based on the number of retweets. The site has risen up the twitter app ranks fast, showing impressive growth and popularity since its relaunch just over two months ago.

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Today sees Tweetmeme launch two new services that sees it continue to develop into an effective tool and prime destination site in itself.

tweetedThe first, login via Twitter OAuth, makes retweeting a breeze by letting you retweet without even having to visiting itself. By simply pressing the retweet button on or partner sites such as ourselves, Tweetmeme will automatically retweet in the background for you. If you fancy testing it out, feel free to tetweet this post but be prepared for it to auto-tweet, there’s no option to edit the tweet before its sent off to your followers.

The second feature is the new Tweetmeme bar.

If you’re anything like me, your sick of them and just want sites to open as normal. The good news is Tweetmeme lets you ensure you never see the bar – if you so wish – via a simple change in settings.

However, despite my initial pessimism, I am rather impressed with the Tweetmeme bar. It’s fast, cleanly designed, you can switch categories of content, stumble to visit other interesting content and above all retweeting is scarily easy.


Although we tend to receive a number of emails from enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneurs, raving about a new release, sadly often it doesn’t live up to the hype. In this case, I’ve got a good feeling it will.

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