Apple to buy Twitter? Is there reason behind the madness?

Apple to buy Twitter? Is there reason behind the madness?

20070806steveTwitter acquisition drama continues, first it was Google and now, according to TechCrunch and Valleywag sources, Apple (?!). The plan is apparently to announce the acquisition at this years WWDC in San Jose.

The reason behind most peoples doubts is that its difficult to see how and where Twitter fits into the overall Apple setup and culture. Valleywag pinpoint the success of iPhone twitter applications as the main and ‘obvious’ driver for the deal,  but I still don’t quite understand it.

Google, and Microsoft have been linked to possibly buying Twitter, Google just towards the end of last month. The Twitter founders apparently turned down Google’s cash and stock offer, and not to forget Facebook’s $500 million offer back in November.

As absurd a proposition as this may be however, there may be some truth and potential motive. In Apple’s eyes this could be there big moment, their grand opportunity to grab a stake in what is unquestionably the hottest internet product at this moment in time. Whilst Google slowly but surely builds their own social network, a move like this could catapult Apple ahead of both Yahoo and Microsoft in in terms of internet footholds.

Also, and although extremely speculative, it is quite interesting how Apple decided to profile the site just last week. Finally, and I might simply be looking too deep into this, but @EV’s tweet yesterday immediately got me thinking, and that’s before even hearing about this rumour.


Arrington (Michael that is) is convinced the story is bull, despite making a meal of it on Techcrunch over the last few hours. But hey, that’s tech blogging for ya! :)

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