Feedburner. Infuriatingly inaccurate.

Feedburner. Infuriatingly inaccurate.

feedburnerGoogle can search, it’s wonderful at it. Text, images, maps, flash, heck…even the ocean. Unfortunately, what it hasn’t seemed to get right is Feedburner and its’ tracking of RSS subscribers.

Yes, we’re slightly bitter, wouldn’t you be? We’ve spent hours, days, months and years writing passionately, gradually building up our Feedburner RSS subscriber count only to find that due to another recent bug it’s been slashed by half.

According to Feedburner’s status blog, this is a recognised problem and will be fixed but nevertheless it makes us look bad, so we’re letting you know and having a rant…

As LouisGray points out below, there is an alternative which I was hesitant to recommend as I haven’t had the opportunity to test it yet. Of course however, if Louis is happy to recommend the alternative, there must be something to it…

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