How to find the big-headed twitters, and measure your penis.

How to find the big-headed twitters, and measure your penis.

You know what they say about your foot size? Well, now you can measure how big-headed you are on Twitter, with TwigHeaded from Greg Cooper, the man who brought us Tweet O’Clock, the app to find out when someone is most likely to be using twitter.

Twigheaded does one simple thing – it measures how big-headed someone is on twitter by analysing how many of the people who follow them, they follow back in return.

The results are presented as a percentage, along with a rating, and some suggestions as to how you might ‘improve your ratio’.

Here’s how @Boris fares: –
TwigHeaded -Boris

Here am I, @clarocada:-
TwigHeaded - David

Here is Robert Scoble, @scobleizer:-
TwigHeaded - Scoble

How do you score? Please let us know your percentage in the comments!

Greg reports that, working along with co-devloper Simon Fletcher, the original concept for TwigHeaded took place whilst ordering in some pizza, and took 3 hours from buying the domain to launching the site (with pizza eating time).

And now: how to measure your penis…

As for the penis – look at what was trending on twitter yesterday: the word ‘penis’.

Boris is 149.84cm (Bigger than he was yesterday!). I am a more manageable 15.48cm. I tried to measure Robert Scoble (we’re good friends) and crashed my browser (quit while unresponsive)! We know these amazing statistics from which, with typical Dutch style, has a nice animated graphic.

What's the size of your Twitter e-Penis?

How big are you then? Add your twitter user name and your e-penis measurement in our comments below. Don’t be shy, after all, it’s not just size that matters… is it?

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