Skype going Corporate

Skype going Corporate

skype_logo_onlineSkype, the internet telephony business, have announced a new product software specifically for the corporate market called Skype for SIP.

The software, to be released shortly, will allow employees to make local and international calls using their standard office telephones instead of requiring headsets or specialized skype phones. Skype are likely to charge per minute for calls to landlines and mobiles, with skype to skype phone calls free of charge.

The company recently reached a 400 million user milestone and have apparently earned 145 million in revenues in the 1st quarter of 2009. WSJ reports that Skype had $550 million in revenues last year, so there does seem to be some improvement. However, the eBay owned company needs to improve on that and fast if it stands any chance of selling the company or recouping the $2.6 billion they paid for it.

Skype for SIP product will be introduced as a beta product and will be tested by a limited number of companies.

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