Twitter Profiles, DM’s and Follow Backs. All via Email with Topify.

Twitter Profiles, DM’s and Follow Backs. All via Email with Topify.

Blogger and Entrepreneur Ouriel Ohayon, previously of, and Israeli developer Arik Fraimovichis are about to launch what I can only describe as the most useful Twitter app I am ever likely to use – it’s called Topify.

Yes, I said this just yesterday with a similar app called Twimailer which sent you full profiles of new followers via email , but Topify takes things to a completely different level. Let me explain…

How Does Topify Work?

Once you’re all signed up, Topify hands a unique email address over to you which you insert into the “settings” of your twitter account. Once you’ve done that, you are all set and you will now be able to do the following:

  1. Receive full profiles of new followers via email. The profile includes bio, location, follower counts, updates count, date they joined Twitter and their last update.
  2. Reply to Follow To follow back new followers simply hit reply and send! That is it. You’ll get a confirmation via email that you have started following them too. (One small request here would be to be made aware if I am already following the person.)
  3. Reply to DM’s via Email Quite possibly the sweetest icing on the cake, you can reply via email to Twitter direct messages. Again, you can receive confirmation your message has been sent.

Frankly, I am not only excited but extremely impressed with the work put into the app and the results. The app works smoothly and whilst I don’t often say this – I can’t recommend it highly enough.

One concern I had as I’m sure many others will have too…privacy. I addressed the concern over whether private DM’s would be viewable by the Topify team.  Ohayon replied stating

“we would have to change the way we conceived the service. security and privacy are top priorities for us”

I believe him however frankly whether this service existed or not, I would never recommend sharing any private or intimate details via Twitter DM anyway.

The service is currently in private beta but should be opening within the next few days – so sign up here to get involved.

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