Finally Available on the iPhone thanks to Pingle

Finally Available on the iPhone thanks to Pingle

picture-112After a long wait, is finally available for the iPhone and thankfully developers Curious Squid have produced a fine first version.

With all the basic features you would expect, Pingle also nicely integrates your camera and photo library as well as bringing location services integration too. Thankfully, it’s a quick setup, the app loads relatively fast and it features a clean familiar interface with all your custom triggers ready for you to use.

Personally, I have grown fond of using Mail to email with my updates and i’m likely stick to using Mail until Pingly integrate one feature “Outbox”. Using Mail, should I not have access to the web, the app will automatically save any emails(updates) in the outbox until there’s sufficient a connection for the email to be sent. Unfortunately, with Pingly there isn’t an outbox feature and as you aren’t currently able to run apps ‘in the background’ – you would technically be need to load the app to send any updates waiting in the outbox if there were such a feature.

Aside from that minor gripe, it’s a wonderful app and well worth purchasing for $1.99 here (itunes link).

Thanks to Steve Rubel for the heads up.

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