Social Networking Craze Harming Peoples Health

Social Networking Craze Harming Peoples Health

aric1In an article published in the journal of the Instiitute of Biology, Psychologist Dr Aric Sigman has been quoted as saying social networking sites are harmful to our health and could eventually lead to serious health problems such as cancer, strokes, heart disease, and dementia.

Dr Sigman believes although these sites set out to improve human connectivity – they are in fact doing the opposite and ensuring lack of face-to-face contact. There is scientific evidence that suggests this lack of contact can alter the way genes work, negatively affect immune responses, cause imbalanced hormone levels and have a direct impact on mental performance.

Dr Sigman also argues using electronic media undermines people’s social skills and their ability to read body language.

“One of the most pronounced changes in the daily habits of British citizens is a reduction in the number of minutes per day that they interact with another human being…In less than two decades, the number of people saying there is no-one with whom they discuss important matters nearly tripled.” Said Dr Sigman

A concerned Dr Sigman discussed the claims in an interview with the BBC, a portion of which can be heard above.

via BBC.

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