Fake Dalai Lama on Twitter: Seriously Bad Karma!

Fake Dalai Lama on Twitter: Seriously Bad Karma!

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Everybody was excited to find out about the Dalai Lama joining Twitter yesterday. He gained thousands of followers within hours and was on course to become most popular user ever if his growth would have continued.

But no more.

Today Twitter deleted the Dalai Lama Twitter account (@ohhdl) account which now displays the infamous error page displayed here.

Someone, somewhere has a serious case of bad karma right now. I mean, impersonating the Dalai Lama??? How many ‘bad karma’ points does that get you?

UPDATE: The news was ‘released’ via tweet by @caroline who does support at Twitter:

Twitter / caroline

UPDATE 2: Biz Stone has just blogged about the whole thing at the official Twitter blog.

Using Twitter to impersonate others in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or deceive others is also cited in the Twitter Rules. Should His Holiness decide to take up Twittering for real, we’ll be sure to Follow.

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