HearPlanet iPhone App. Death to Tour Buses

HearPlanet iPhone App. Death to Tour Buses

picture-71I am not a tour bus kind of guy, if I’m going to go on a tour I’ll hire a guide (and a big car) and see the place in comfort. With HearPlanet, an innovative new iPhone app I may not even need to do that.

HearPlanet will user your location to give you a good overview of items of interest around you. Similar to previously mentioned “Where to” in some respects, however HearPlanet also seems to offer information about the places rather than just links to locations. The “Hear” in HearPlanet stems from the fact that the application will actually dictate info about your location, making it possible to essentially start your own tourbus business and use this information plugged into the bus’ sound system! (That was a joke, please don’t try that.)

Most of the information dictated is grabbed from Wikipedia which, in my opinion, is pretty reliable a source (finish reading the sentence before you disagree!) when it comes to locational and cultural information.

As TUAW mention, HearPlanet has a way to go before becoming a fully featured travel companion; a map, more images, video and directions hopefully will come soon.

I almost forgot to mention, the application is free for one week so click this link (app store) and try it out (available everywhere I believe).


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