Apple to Fruux: When I look at you, I see myself

Apple to Fruux: When I look at you, I see myself

Fruux, the free alternative to MobileMe, has been deemed too similar to Apple’s own MobileMe solution. The developers behind Fruux submitted their desktop App to Apple months ago to be featured in Apples’ Software Download Page. Yesterday they received this short but clear message:


fruux’s feature-set is too similar to Apple’s MobileMe (


Apple Downloads

Duh. That IS the whole point!
Fruux is similar to MobileMe except for one notable difference: it is free!

Fruux was planning on offering an iPhone version of its software too but is seriously reconsidering that now. If they can’t even get a link from Apple’s Downloads page they can be pretty sure they won’t be accepted in the iPhone store either. Why spend money, time and sleepless nights on a product you know won’t ever be officially accepted?

Apple thinks competition is good. Except when you are competing with Apple’s own products.

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