TwitterCounter API launches with Clicky & Mint support

TwitterCounter API launches with Clicky & Mint support

TwitterCounter: How popular is @nextweblogTwitterCounter is one of the projects that got its start in The Next Web Incubator a few months ago. It has been growing madly and we are very proud that is doing so well.

Last week Joost de Valk contacted us with a question: “why doesn’t TwitterCounter offer an API?”

Well, the only reason why we didn’t offer it yet is that we (Arjen mainly) had been completely focused on keeping up with growth and making sure the servers weren’t crashing on us. But a few weeks ago we upgraded our servers and the service was doing fine so I decided to start coding on the API right away.

TwitterCounter: the API and the Mint Pepper - Yoast - Tweaking Websites
TwitterCounter in Mint

Keep tabs on your twitter followers from Clicky | Clicky Blog
TwitterCounter in Clicky

Within hours it became clear to me that building a complete API was actually more difficult than my developers skills permitted me to comprehend. I contacted Joost again and asked him what he needed exactly in an API. He responded with a list of features that made me desperate! I could never built all that on short notice! But he ended his note with a sentence that made me smile.

He said “… but if you give me the root password for your service I can just build it for you. :-)”.

I quickly consulted Arjen and we both agreed that it would be an interesting idea to just hand over the keys to the castle! So I emailed Joost our server details and just hoped it would all turn out okay.

It did.

Today we are proudly presenting the TwitterCounter API.

Joost de Valk has built a Pepper for Mint and Sean Hammons has integrated TwitterCounter into Clicky. If you have ideas on how to use TwitterCounter Data for your service don’t hesitate to contact us.

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