Twitter Acquires Values of n (Makers of Sandy)

Twitter Acquires Values of n (Makers of Sandy)

News just in that Twitter has acquired Values of N, makers of popular notes app Sandy and Stikkit which will both be closing their doors on the 8th December.

I must admit, this is a surprise considering that only today were we made aware of the collapse of Facebook‘s possible acquisition of Twitter.

Sadly, I think it’s unlikely that we’ll see much integration of Sandy into Twitter (although you never know). The main motivation behind the purchase appears to be to ensure Twitter get their hands on Rael Dornfest, the Values of N founder.

Twitter have posted a blog post about the acquisition here. In the post they state

Values of n will be shutting down existing products. However, the technology behind the scenes will live on and potentially re-emerge as part of Twitter’s systems, services, user experience, or open source libraries. Nothing specific in this regard is planned but there is some smart work in there by the newest member of our engineering team.

Judging by the lack of updates to Twitter I highly doubt that we’ll see any of the Values of n’s features integrated. I am devastated to hear they will be shutting down all their services as well.

We’ve also come across a post from Rael Dornfest essentially saying “it’s been great, has been a lot of work by a lot of people but goodbye.” What a loss…

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