Shout’Em = Roll your own Twitter

Shout’Em = Roll your own Twitter

ShoutEm - Roll your own Microblogging Social Networking

Want to engage people in conversation but keep them within your tightly controlled domain? Give ShoutEm a try. With no more than a few clicks you will have your own Twitter running on a subdomain like this:

Patrick de Laive met the founders of Shoutem earlier this year in Zagreb when they were still focused on Mobile Social networks. Their new focus is to become the Private Twitter network for popular websites and communities. This is a crowded market with companies like Yammer and Twingr doing similar things.

As you will see the templates are easy to edit and customize. For a few dollar more you could even host the conversation on a subdomain of your own domain. That is part of their business model. If you don’t pay you have to live with a few Google Ads. And even those you can customize.

The service looks easy enough to sign-up, requires some basic CSS and HTML knowledge to pimp to your satisfaction and has enough features to keep your audience playing. If you want you could even upgrade (or downgrade depending who you ask) to Pounce functionality with one click. The challenge will be to get people Tweeting on your MicroTweet environment instead of the ‘real’ twitter.

After all; If a tweet is tweeted in a private twitter and no one is around to retweet it, does it make a tweet?*

Invitation codes!

Find out yourself by using ‘doneright‘ as the invitation code at or check out The Next Web or Mashables Shoutem versions.

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