Google launches Voice Search for the iPhone

Google launches Voice Search for the iPhone

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Some time today Google will launch a Voice Search App for the iPhone. Check the iPhone App store now to see if it is ealready there. According to John Markoff over at the New York Times “Google researchers have added sophisticated voice recognition technology to the company’s search software for the Apple iPhone.”

With the free app you will be able to ask Google any question you can think of, like “Where’s the nearest Starbucks?”, “How tall is Mount Everest?” or “What weather is it in Amsterdam, The Netherlands?”. The app will send your digitized audio to Google services where the sound is analyzed, translated, queried to the database and then replied to in text form. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a second or two on a fast connection.

No news right now on availability outside of the US but I assume they will do a worldwide launch right away. The voice recognition is english only for now though. Read the original article for more background information and do let us know when you have downloaded the App to your iphone.

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