Who is doing well during the financial crisis? Linkedin!

Who is doing well during the financial crisis? Linkedin!

In 1999 one analyst suggested that everybody invest in companies that made bubble wrap. He figured that with the huge growth of e-commerce the companies who would benefit the most were bubble wrap companies. Go figure.

Dan NyeNow, with the current economy there are surely companies who are benefiting, right? Right!
One such company is LinkedIn. Last week they announced a $22.7 million funding round which explains the huge smile on their CEO’s face on the right here.

Dan Nye has even more to smile about. Since the economic crisis hit in September LinkedIn has seen a 25% increase in the rate of sign-ups! All over the world concerned employees are updating their digital resumés and strengthening their ties to headhunters and other useful contacts.

Before September LinkedIn had maintained a growth rate of about one new member every two seconds, or 1 million new users about every 20 days. Not bad at all! Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September the growth rate had increased to 1 million new users every two weeks. Suddenly that $ 22.7 million round makes a lot of sense. They are clearly worth it!

LinkedIn has 30 million users worldwide and of those 30 million about 7 million are based in Europe. In the time you read that last sentence (3 seconds?) LinkedIn added 2 new members. Another member. And another. You get the idea. That was two more…

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