iPhone Start-up Screen Template

iPhone Start-up Screen Template

If you want the file please try this link first!

Unlike Windows Mobile the iPhone’s start-up screen is pretty boring and uninformative. You can customize it a bit by replacing the standard globe photo with your own creation but that is about it.

I wanted my Start-Up screen to show my name and enough information for someone who would find it in case I lost it to return it without having to call all my contacts and nose around my email and stuff. That is why I created the “StartScreenTemplate.psd” for everybody to use and generate your wallpapers with.

I included 40 free backgrounds I generated or took from my photo collection. The collections are ‘Nature’, ‘Fun’, ‘Clouds’ and ‘Abstract’.

Download the ZIP file (email me at [email protected] and I will send it to you or try this link), unpack, open in Photoshop and enter your name and address in the blue layers. Then pick any Background from the green layers. After you are done hide the red layer and save as JPG. Add the exported JPG to iPhoto and Sync with your iPhone or just email it to yourself.

A few examples:

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