Google aqcuired Korean blogging platform TNC

Google aqcuired Korean blogging platform TNC

Is Google finally becoming serious in approaching the Korean market? Blogging platform TNC has been acquired by Google today; making them the first acquired company by Google in Korea. (who’s counting anyway) TNC offers a blogging platform similar as Automatic. It’s fairly easy to use, and works close to the open source community. Biggest difference is that WordPress is fairly unknown here, so they represent a big blogging market, being used by a lot of nation’s A-list bloggers.

Chang W. Kim, co-founder of the company explains that Google is the underdog in this region, but Korea is the worlds sixth largest market in terms of Internet users. The Korean users mainly use Yahoo-style portal services to do everything on the web. With the acquirement, Google created a new way to get to the customers.

The exact number on the contract stays unknown, but is claimed to be the first major Google acquisitions in the entire Asia by Chang. Another successful entrepreneur with the copycat approach! (read more)

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