The Twitties turn Twitter into a comedy show

The Twitties turn Twitter into a comedy show

The thing with being on Twitter is that you realize you’re always missing something. Ok, it’s not as worse as not being on Twitter at all, but some of those really funny or important tweets just fly by without you noticing it. After all, you’ll need some sleep as well. Twitter awards site The Twitties won’t solve that problem, but at least they’re selecting some rather special tweets from the clutter.

The people behind the Twitties asked Twitter users to send in those spectacular tweets, 1200 nominations were the result. Then, in an act of pure dictatorship, they narrowed it down to 65 tweets in 12 categories. Good news though, democracy is back again, and now it’s up to us to vote. These are, for example, the nominees for the best tweets:

After browsing through all the tweets though, I found out most of them concern the American sense of humor, and not so much ours. So maybe we should organize a European version as well?

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