Google to start investing in startups

Google to start investing in startups
David Drummond
by darthdowney (CC)

Google is ready to launch a venture capital arm, opening up the possibility to invest in startups, rather then just buy them. Senior vice president and chief legal officer David Drummond will lead the new investment part of Google.

“The move would make Google the latest technology giant to take on a more-formal role in seeding start-ups. Intel Corp. has had a large venture-capital arm for years, as have Motorola Inc., Comcast Corp. and many others. In the consumer-Internet area, Walt Disney Co.’s Steamboat Ventures has invested in a number of Web start-ups. So has Inc., which has funded a number of young companies without structuring a formal fund.” (wall street Journal)

With the formal venture capital arm, Google would start to compete with established VCs, the brand and the resources could make the investment arm an attractive choice for startups. The official blog of Google made no mention of the plans yet.

Investments are nothing new for the search and advertising company, as they launched Gadget Ventures in June 2007, and invested in Indian VCs before. Also, Google has made more strategic investments over the years, including investments in WiMax and Global challenges. Google also launched a number of informal funding programs, including contests for software developers.

The new funding venture coul help Google to formalize the investments efforts, and get the company closer to more software created by small businesses, a way to gain experience in new product areas and markets. (read more)

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