Whoops, there it is… the (useless) iPhone app store

Whoops, there it is… the (useless) iPhone app store

iPhone app store

To stimulate the iPhone craze to grow to absolute bizarre proportions, Apple has just launched the iPhone app store. While I’m typing this, thousands of other bloggers are doing the same. Well what the hell, almost everybody loves the shiny object, so here it is.

Download iTunes 7.7 and access the store here. Then you can browse the 27 pages of iPhone apps, which are absolutely useless for some hours until the iPhone becomes available in New Zealand stores.

By the way, my dear Belgian readers, I feel really sorry for you guys, having to pay as much as 525 euros for the 8GB iPhone and 615 euros for the 16GB. I hope for you that they’ll soon fix that law and allow subsidized phones.

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