Online stores in the U.K. besieged by iPhone fanboys

Online stores in the U.K. besieged by iPhone fanboys

With the upcoming launch of the iPhone 3G in 22 countries, more and more messages of the craziness the phone causes come to our ears. Take the Brits for example, they have besieged the online stores en masse, causing peaks of 13,000 requests per second. “We’d done everything we could to cope with high demand but on that scale our Web site did struggle,” said an O2 spokesman to Reuters. “The experience wasn’t as smooth as we’d have liked it to be.”

Not surprisingly, both carriers – O2 and Carphone Warehouse – have sold out their complete online stocks. Carphone Warehouse stated that the level of interest was 10 times that for the original iPhone last year.

So the people from the U.K who also feel somewhat aroused by the sight of the shiny object but haven’t been able to place an online order, should now get their sleeping bags and start camping in front of an iPhone-selling store.

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